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If you have Rats in your property this can be a major problem. The Rats are searching for shelter and food. If they find access to one or both of those things, they can easily become an infestation a building.

The main problem with having rats in your property is that they are unsanitary. Rats can carry diseases such as e.coli, salmonella and tuberculosis. Drain Rats are also likely to be infested with mites, fleas and ticks that can migrate from the animals to your furnishings or even onto you, your family or employees.

These, and the bacteria contained in rat droppings can cause illness and/or allergic reactions in some people. Rat infestations can also do damage to the structure of your building as Rats gnaw wood and can damage electrical cabling and fittings

Signs of Rat Infestation

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if you have a rat infestation. Rats are primarily nocturnal , so you are unlikely to spot them during the day. Keep a look out for signs of rat activity in your property. Be aware of any rat droppings, particularly behind appliances in a kitchen.

Listen for rat sounds during the night. Rats tend to move about within the structure of a building, so pay attention to floorboards, eaves and behind cavity walls. You might also notice an ammonia-like smell in the property and evidence of the gnawing on wood or plastic. 

Rat Entry Point

Rats can gain entry to a building through holes in the eaves or the foundations. Rats can also gain access from a neighbouring property whether that is a semi-detached, terraced or high-rise property. One of the most common points of entry for rat infestations is through the drainage system.

Drains and sewers provide a entry point for the rats and which can be difficult to detect due to the presence of foul water and waste. Rats are rampant in the public sewerage system and if there is any damage at all to the pipe work or  drain system, rats can quickly and easily enter your property drainage system, and and then into the your property. Rats need only a small crack or hole to squeeze through and will be able to make their home in your drains.


FLOW SURE DRAINS can carry out an extensive CCTV drain camera inspection survey to determine drain defects that allow rats to leave the public and private sewers and enter your property.

We can access and survey every part of the drain system including branch lines and connections.

We also carry out drain smoke testing, sonar drain tracing and tracing dyes to find any defects in the drainage system.

All surveys include digital video, pictures, site drawings and a written report.

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