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  Is you bathroom or kitchen sinked blocked?

There are many reasons you can get a blocked sink. Sinks can become blocked from local issues like foreign objects to problems like a build up hair, fat or grease. If the obstruction is not cleared from a sink then things build up around the object quite quickl especially with the clogging effects of soap and this can easily completely block a sink, or a pipe further down your drainage system.

Often a  slow drain away or a sink blockage can be an indication of problems elsewhere.

Sometimes a sink blockage in a kitchen or bathroom sink is too far down the pipework, or the blockage is simply too difficult to break down using regular methods.

We are equipped with specialist tools and machines for clearing the toughest of blocked sinks, basins, and drainage pipework.

Electro-mechanical ‘sani-snakes’ allow a rotating, flexible cable to be pushed far along drainage pipework. Different attachments fitted to the end of the cable helps our drainage engineers to push through blockages in sinks.

Being portable they are ideal for clearing blocked sinks in the hardest to reach places

Then we can help unblock your sink. No Call Out Charges

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