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What Causes a Blocked Drain?

Blocked drains in Bristol

Foreign Items and toiletries

Sometimes foreign items like loo fresheners ,children's toys , jewelry, sanitary products, cotton balls and hair can get into the drainage pipes and accumulate leading to a drain blockage.


Fats and grease from dish washing can become stuck the inside of the pipes and with time can build-up causing blocked drains.Grease traps can sometimes prevent this type of blocked drain.

Leaves and garden rubbish.

Especially in autumn dead leaves, twigs, and garden debris find their way into pipes and block them. Gulley drain covers can help prevent blocked drains

Tree Roots

Moisture from drains can attract tree roots. These roots can crack the drain pipes to reach the water resulting in a blockage of the drains. This is common in hot dry summers.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are a common cause of blocked drains and are notoriously difficult to unblock this type of blockage. You should avoid putting wet wipes down your toilet.

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