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Blocked Outside Drain?

Have you got a problem with blocked drains Bristol or the surrounsing areas? We can help! - Call FLOW SURE DRAINS on 07507 551514

The 2 sorts of blocked outside drains are typically gulley drains and blocked manholes.

Blocked Gulley Drains

Gulley drains look like the above blocked drains. Typically kitchen sinks, washing machines and dishwashers are fed into them and this is what causes them to block and cause and blocked drain overflow. They can be unblocked using high pressure water jetting and with drain maintenace and care over what is being put down the drains should not cause you any drain blockages in the future.

Sometimes, the block is a sewerage block further down the drain line but the drain overflowing is showing at the lowest available point which may be the neareat gulley drain to the blocked drain.

Theother type of blocked outside drain is a blocked manhole.

This is likely to be a sewerage block caused by obstructions to the drain caused by wet wipes and the like. Again, high pressure water jetting can clear this blocked drain. In some cases their are drain defects such as a collapsed drain or drain misalignment. In these types of blocked outside drains we can use CCTV camera inspections to ascertain the cause of the drain blockage and we can quote to carry out drain repairs and drain fixing solutions.

Often blocked toilets, blocked sinks and blocked showers are a sympton of blocked outside drains

In all of these cases we can help CALL 07507551514

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